Contract Roasting Done Right.

    When you have a business requiring fresh roasted coffee that is quality assured and consistent, you certainly have a challenge when considering the many different coffee brands in the market today.
    Clever marketing and 'ultra-hype' seems to be the order of the day with coffee roasting businesses that have set up with cheap, low quality equipment, and/or antiquated retro roasters in the name of being 'hipster' and apparently relevant.
    As a business owner you need your product to be consistent, reliable, quality defined, and to meet price goals for your long term business building strategies.
In short, you need proven experts on your side.
Proven experts using up to date, technologically superior equipment to protect your customer retention.


Our Contract Roasting applies when you require:

  • establishment of lower, fixed, reliable costs.

  • guaranteed increase in business profit margins.

  • avoidance of large capital investments for plant and equipment along with the expensive costs of cleaning, maintenance, and staff procurement.

  • improved quality and consistency over your current coffee offering.

  • creation of a unique and exclusive coffee blend to give your business market differentiation.

  • that we provide complete confidentiality for our contract and private label clients – obscuring the identity of the original manufacturer if required.

  • suitability for quality driven bakeries, coffee franchises, drive-throughs, hospital cafes, multiple store sets.

Generally, contract coffee roasting is viable for companies requiring quantities of greater than 80 kilos per week minimum.
We currently provide Contract Roasting of premium quality beans for several other successful, high end brands and multiple store setups .